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                                                             How are we organized?


Fe y Alegría's organization is characterized by the functional autonomy of countries, regions and centers, but always within a sharing of common principles and objectives and a solidarity of concerns and projects.


It is a Movement based on participative management, marked by the presence and action of committed lay people and various religious institutes in co-responsibility with the Society of Jesus, founder and promoter of the organization.


Fe y Alegría operates as a private non-profit organization in each country, incorporated according to local legal requirements and with the support of national governments. On the international level, Fe y Alegría functions as a federation of the national organizations and is registered as a social welfare organization, based in the city of Caracas.


The International Federation of Fe y Alegría promotes the joint creation and the continual revision of the Movement’s Project for Popular Education and Social Promotion; it encourages and assists cooperative actions and projects among member countries; it facilitates constant communication and sharing of experiences; it impels the expansion of the Movement to new countries and frontiers; and it provides a platform for representation in and dialogue with international organizations.


The highest authority of the Federation is the General Assembly (Asamblea General FIFyA), which is made up of the National Directors (Directores Nacionales), the General Coordinator of the Federation (Coordinación General), the members of the Board of Directors (Consejo de Directores), an additional qualified delegate from each country and the President of the Latin American Jesuit Provincials Conference. The executive responsibility lies with the Board of Directors, composed of four persons: the General Coordinator, who is legal representative of the Federation, and three others elected by the General Assembly.


Every year the Federation holds its General Assembly, which is the decision-making body charged with determining the objectives and activities of the Federation. Additionally, an International Congress is held, which serves as an opportunity to foster reflection on themes of interest, to analyze programs or activities common to all countries and to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences within the Movement.


Participative Management

- Presence and action of lay person (97,8%)

- Various congregations (2,2%)

- Society of Jesus (founder and leader of the Movement)


International Federation

- General Assembly

- Board of Directors

- General Coordinator

- General Coordination Office


In each country

- National Office

- Regional and Program Offices

- Educative Centers and Establishments