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Computing Education

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The programme is present in: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Paraguay, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru and Dominican Republic. The headquarter is Venezuela.

Strengthen the use of information and communication technologies in educative processes, networking and institutional management, to enhance communicative, exchange and knowledge building processes, among different actors and instances of the Movement.


From the World School and Virtual Classroom portals we promote the management and education of our students, teachers and participants, guiding the process of resource supply and the change of the thematic classrooms, adapted to the contexts of formal, non-formal and special education centers.


We develop strategies in promoters, teachers and local communities, extending the training for the use of TIC in the educative processes.


Fe y Alegría promotes in this way the use of the integration of Information and Communication Technologies in the processes of education, in addition, to promote networks and virtual spaces of information and training, contributing to the circulation and development of knowledge in each of our students.