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Improving the Quality of Popular Education

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The Program is taken place in: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panamá, Honduras, Paraguay, Venezuela, Perú y República Dominicana. The headquarter is in Colombia.

To implement a continuous educative quality improvement system to serve Centers and Programs of F&J, to reinforce the principles and quality values into the institutional culture of the Movement, and to expand the opportunities and capabilities of the most impoverished sectors.


The educative quality improvement system (SMCFyA) has been validated by the Ministry of Education of Colombia as a certifying entity of the quality, in the Ministry of Paraguay as a tool for improving the quality, and in the Ministries of Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador, as an instrument to improve of the public education in centers.


The educative quality improvement system is consolidated and implemented in schools and educative programs, planning strategies to lead Fe y Alegría. Besides are promoted training processes improving the skills of staff, in the development of the educatiove quality system.


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