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Teacher Training

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THe Programme is in: Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Brasil, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Argentina, Honduras, Chile, Haiti, Uruguay, Spain and Chad.

Fe y Alegría promotes the training and formation of teachers and of schools of the Movement, getting in this way an affinity in values, charisma and mission. Fe y Alegría wants teachers who know what they teach and know how to teach.


It is a purpose for Fe y Alegría, to improve the quality, innovation and systematization of its practices, in order to encourage active citizens who promote participatory management in their schools and are committed with the social transformation.


We have designed and developed a modular training program for educators, executives and partners of centers, in coordination with the Fe y Alegría, executed according to the needs expressed by every center, thus spreading material for the training of educators and managers, leading to the update and diffusion of formative experiences.


As consolidation of teacher training methodology, we implemented distance learning and virtual computing environments, processes of self-training and co-training through educational action-research communities, by means of which we contribute to create new experiences which transform their educational practices.