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Training for Work

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The program is in: Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panamá, Honduras, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay y Perú. The headquarter is Bolivia.

To strengthen and promote training for work through technologic education, training in general working competences, technical qualification and technical education in different educative levels and programs, to facilitate social inclusion and employment of graduates.


The implementation of training programs for work is focused on curricula, training of teachers, organization and management, and the coordination with other social actors; developing support tools and the guidance for the management of the classroom.


The implementation of training proposals for work, using distance learning methodologies (Distance, Blended and Radio Learning Network (IRFA's), and Computer Education Program P3), according to the context and needs of our participants.


The accompaniment is part of the methodology implemented by Fe y Alegría, promoting and encouraging in this way participation in the federative projects of training for work.


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