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What is Fe y Alegría?

A Movement for Integral Popular Education and Social Promotion:



  • Integrated by people who are in continuous growth.
  • Maintains a permanent quest for answers to human needs.



  • Promotes the capacity development of women and men.
  • Stimulates the acquisition of knowledge, skills, abilities and values.



  • Becomes involved in popular and marginalized areas.
  • Assumes that education should transform reality.



Because it understands that education:

  • ​Encompasses all dimensions of the human person.
  • Involves several educational methods.
  • Integrates science, technology, and work.
  • Should develop attitudes and values.
  • Is a space that integrates community and family contexts.
  • Is a process oriented to train one "in and for life" and "in and for work."

Because it understands the person:

  • ​In the great variety of his/her relationships.
  • In the diversity of stages of evolutionary growth from a global perspective.


Social Promotion


Because the movement seeks to:

  • Overcome injustices and contribute to addressing human needs found in the most marginalized sectors.
  • Have an impact on economic, social, political, cultural, and religious development.
  • Build a fair, fraternal, democratic, and participative society.
  • Ensure that people and communities are the main agents of their own development.