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More than 200 youth receive job skills training

La Paz, Apr 24. (ANF) The international educational institution, Fe y Alegría, has been working for 8 years on the inclusion of youth with disabilities in productive businesses, through job skills training. As a result, this sector of the population has the opportunity to find a source of employment, as would any other adult.

Over the 96 months of its existence, Fe y Alegría’s workplace inclusion project has achieved that more than 200 youth with disabilities are able to work in 150 companies that have opened their doors, enabling these youth to apply their technical skills that they received in the areas of carpentry, baking, cleaning, among other trades.

Fe y Alegría offers technical training for youth with disabilities through six special education institutes in the departments of Cochabamba, La Paz, Potosí and Sucre, where 520 children and youth are currently being trained.

This organization also carries out educational inclusion of people with disabilities through a program which works to include and adapt the classroom experiences of children, youth and teachers to those living with disabilities. Through this program, 511 people have been included in different educational institutions.

Fides News Agency (ANF) produced ​​a video which highlights the experiences of many of these youth who have received technical training in Fe y Alegría centers.