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Our Approach


  • Fe y Alegría is an international movement of Popular Education and Social Promotion, born out of and driven by the experience of the Christian faith, which in situations of injustice, commits to the historical process of the popular sectors in building a just and fraternal society.
  • Fe y Alegría makes a preferential option for the poor, and according to this option, chooses the neediest sectors to carry out its educational and social promotion activities, while also addressing society in general with its constant search for a more just and humane world.


  • To promote the formation of new men and women who are aware of their own potential and of the reality which surrounds them; who are open to the transcendence, who are agents for change and are advocates of their own development. 
  • To contribute to the creation of a new society whose structures make possible a commitment of the Christian faith through works of love and justice.


In order to achieve its objectives in service of the most impoverished, Fe y Alegría:

  • Requires the presence and action of dedicated individuals and groups who display an attitude of service.
  • Adopts an evangelizing and liberating pedagogy.
  • Promotes the integration of local strengths to create an educational community.
  • Reflects on and researches the reasons causing situations of injustice.
  • Implements a planning-evaluation methodology based on its objectives.
  • Requires an organizational structure promoting, coordinating and guiding all of its activities.


The educational activity of Fe y Alegría is characterized by the following:

  • Evangelizing and pastoral character of all of Fe y Alegría's educational action.
  • Permanent effort to understand local and national realities and to value and revitalize popular cultures and experiences in urban, rural and indigenous sectors.
  • Creativity in finding pedagogies and educational methods, both formal and informal, which offer solutions to the problems facing communities and individuals.
  • Emphasis on training for liberating and productive work as a means of personal and community development.
  • Concern for the motivation and ongoing learning of all Fe y Alegría members.


The Movement is characterized by:

  • Creativity in the continuous search for new approaches, faithful to the inspirational principles of the Movement.
  • A spirit of collaboration, involving the community in the creation and operation of schools and projects, and in solidarity with them in their daily lives and local issues.
  • Manifestation of faith in real commitments for justice.
  • Prophetic dimension of the Movement itself, in its educational action, in the fight against injustice and oppression.
  • Defense of educational justice as a concrete manifestation of structural justice.
  • Continuous development, both qualitative and quantitative, with a spirit of entrepreneurial audacity.
  • Selection and replication of all human and material resources, with optimal use through austerity and efficiency to ensure a quality education.