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Plan de Prioridades Federativas


The development of our Federative Priorities Plan was preceded and guided by a year of participatory Federative reflection, which concluded with the International Innovation Symposium held in Managua in October 2014. We have since enjoyed a year of institutional reflection in which we have boldly deepened our focus in an effort to provide better services. Our institutional identity and the fidelity of our response to new environments are the two main criteria of our Priorities Plan. Times of change can often produce breakdowns but I have confidence that in this case, this will be an opportunity to more creativity deepen the work we have started. In preparing a new plan of institutional work loyal to Fe y Alegría’s initial spark we did not intend to go down a path of continuity nor of routine, rather one of openness and of greater organizational flexibility that will allow us enter into new fields of work. We as a collective have again felt the call to Popular Education. We have become aware of the need to redevelop our methods and give them new life so as not to suffocate them within the new mediums of Technology and Communication (yes, in capital letters!). Uncomfortable, and with a new Plan ahead, we cannot become complacent. 

Federación Internacional de Fe y Alegría
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