Strategic Lines

Identity and Mission

Fe y Alegría is a movement for comprehensive education and social promotion. Fe y Alegría is made up of teams with an attitude of growth and a continuous search for a response to human needs. Fe y Alegría understands each person in an individual and multidimensional sense. Through the education, people become aware of their potential and reality, where they feel free and supported, open to transcendence and ultimately become the leader of their own development.

Its Identity and mission are intrinsically linked. Its identity refers to the origin of Fe y Alegría which was born in the place of the “truly forgotten” to collaborate with the satisfaction of their basic needs, including education. Its mission is based on faith that does works. In the words of José María Vélaz, its founder: “Faith in God, in the person, and in the Community and joy for the fruit of the effort sown”.

Quality Educational Proposal

Fe y Alegría is committed to providing quality education. This is made possible because of its clear directionality that is expressed in an educational proposal. In a context where what is certain is permanent change, a common horizon is necessary from which to respond to the challenges that arise in the different realities where Fe y Alegría is present.

The Fe y Alegría educational proposal does not intend to standardize the educational institutions that comprise it, but rather it is more. It respects and encourages diversity and responsible autonomy because that is where transformations are generated. What it does is provide characteristic elements that by making synergy between them help to generate personal and social transformation in their different contexts and modalities. These are the identity, the management proposal, the pedagogical proposal, and the commitment of each person.

Innovation and Knowledge Building

Innovation is a goal for Fe y Alegría. Fe Y Alegría is aware of the multiple needs and problems of reality and is motivated by the aspiration to transform the difficult realities experienced by educational communities while promoting innovation. Facing difficulties, creating or recreating solutions, maximizing personal and material resources easily becomes a source of self-esteem and commitment to the environment.

Many times Fe y Alegría teachers, directors, and students have shown that their innovative practices inspire others, thus encouraging the systematization of experiences and other forms of research to produce knowledge that can be shared.

Advocacy for Social Change

Fe y Alegría seeks to radiate, in the public sphere, a quality transformative education proposal that contributes to the construction of an active and participative citizenship and the strengthen the democracy where human dignity is recognized.

Fe y Alegría influences and contributes to public educational policy with proposals developed from research and practice. In addition, it favors the right to a quality public education with an intercultural, gender, socio-environmental and citizen perspective.

Advocacy is at the roots of Fe y Alegría with education, to transform situations of inequality at the local, regional, national and global levels.


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