The International Federation of Fe y Alegría complies with Transparency – DIAN 2020

  • The name, identification and address of the entity.
  • The non-reimbursable international cooperation resources that they receive or execute.
  • The certificate of the legal representative or tax auditor, along with the income statement evidencing that they have met all the requirements during the respective year, when applicable.
  • The financial statements of the entity.
  • An annual results report that provides data on its ongoing and completed projects, income, contracts made, subsidies and contributions received, as well as the goals achieved for the benefit of the community.
  • When donations are received in collective events, without the particular identification of the donors being possible, the total amount received, the date and the destination thereof must be registered.
  • In case of receiving donations, the identification of the donor and the amount of the donation, as well as the destination of the same and the projected term for the expense or investment. For such purposes, it is understood that the donation to an entity of the Special Tax Regime is an authorization to publish the data contained in the registry.
  • The amount of equity as of December 31 of the immediately preceding year.
  • The names and identification of the founders.
  • The total amount of salary payments to the members of the governing bodies, without the obligation to discriminate individual payments.
  • The names and identification of the people who occupy managerial, directive or control positions.
  • The amount and destination of the permanent assignments that have been made in the year and the additional terms that are authorized by the highest corporate body, when applicable.
  • The amount and destination of the reinvestment of the profit or net surplus, when applicable.
  • The description of the meritorious activity.

NOTE: If you wish to make any comments, please refer to the Dian page www.dian.gov.co