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Connect with our radio stations, there are 7 countries which offer education and information through radio.

Radiophonic Institute Fe y Alegría in Bolivia

Founded in 1975

A Society of Jesus work, within the framework of the Ignatian mission in Bolivia, has defined some objectives and goals to be achieved, reflected in an institutional mission and vision. These have their reason in giving a proper response to the new national context in order to improve the living conditions of those who live in situations of exclusion and on the frontiers of the multicultural Bolivia.


Radio Santa Cruz 960 AM – 92.2 FM

Escúchanos en https://www.irfabolivia.org/

Fé e Alegria Radio en Brasil

Founded in 2013

Planned and aligned to the objectives proposed by the institution, which are education, citizenship and social promotion. Likewise, the content is programmes focused on entertaining, and informing (about Brazil and about the world, with a greater focus on the states where Fe y Alegria is present, as well as the respective centres in each locality), educating and working on the spirituality of listeners, with programmes that help them reflect on their daily lives.

Online Radio

Fé e Alegria Radio

Escúchanos en https://www.radiofealegria.org.br/

Instituto Radiofónico Fe y Alegría IRFEYAL in Ecuador

Founded in 1974

It was created based on the comprehensive education for adults, mothers and fathers with the distance-presence system, combining their work with education and at the same time they are an example of motivation for their children because they see how their parents appreciate studying.


Señal: 1090 AM

Escúchanos en https://web.irfeyal.org/

Radio Fe y Alegría (Coatepeque) in El Salvador

Radio station in Coatepeque that broadcasts throughout the day to offer the Spanish-speaking public a wide range of content on spiritual growth, community outreach, culture and literacy segments.


Señal: FM 92.1 Coatepeque – Santa Ana – El Salvador

Escúchanos en Radio Fe y Alegría en El Salvador

Radio Fe y Alegría in Paraguay

Founded on March 7th 2008

We are part of the Paraguayan Broadcasting Network, which includes regional and national radio stations. To name a few: Radio Caritas, Pa`i Puku and San Roque González. Affiliated to the Latin American Association of Radio Education ALER. It is a member of the International Federation of Fe y Alegría.


Señal: 1300 AM Radio Fe y Alegría

Escúchanos en http://radiofeyalegriapy.org/w1/

Instituto Radiofónico Fe y Alegría in Perú

Founded in 2002

It is a public service organisation with private administration which, through the interaction of radio, printed material and face-to-face counselling, develops its Distance Education programme “APRENDIENDO EN CASA” (LEARNING AT HOME), which currently also provides semi-face-to-face and face-to-face attention in the different centres and circles where the educational service is provided.

Enlace On Line

Escúchanos en: www.irfa_peru

Fe y Alegría Radio Network in Venezuela

Information Agency Radio Fe y Alegría Noticias Venezuela.

Founded in 1975

An educational and communication network, with 23 radio stations, AM – FM and On Line signals, belonging to the Fe y Alegría Movement of Integral Popular Education and Social Promotion, which through the generation of pertinent and quality educational and communicative proposals, addresses the excluded population to promote the construction of citizenship and the struggle for equality, equity and social inclusion; in the collective search for a comprehensive, sustainable and fair human development for everyone.

Escúchanos en: www.radiofeyalegrianoticias.com/