We are on the road to change

We confirm our commitment to a PRIORITY-BASED PLANNING model that convenes and guides us as a Movement, that energises our collective journey, and that offers us elements to evaluate our praxis. This model is articulated in a network, it is revitalised with initiatives that emerge from the countries, with management bodies and decentralised federative services.

This renewed Global Plan of Federal Priorities continues seeking to enhance inspiration, national initiatives and innovation, knowing that the implementation process is played out in every space of action, local, regional and global.

“Fe y Alegría cannot be governed as an industry is governed, Fe y Alegría can at best be led, lead that force that comes from a thousand places”.

Pope Francis

This Global Federative Priorities Plan is meant to inspire and motivate, it should in no way “set limits on our ability to multiply and give more”. We hope it will drive this human and spiritual force that deeply motivates our service and defines us as Fe y Alegría.

Fe y Alegría movement

“For us at Fe y Alegría, this is not just another publication; in it we gather many of the reflections that were generated throughout the process of implementing the Federal Priorities Plan (FPP 2016-2020), which we call #FederalDeployment”.

F. Carlos Fritzen, S.J.

We present three complementary documents, which detail some aspects of the federative procedure.

Federation policies

Fe y Alegría International Federation Gender Equality-Equity Policy

Fe y Alegría’s Communication Policy and Strategy in the world.

Basic policy on prevention and action in the face of violence identified in our service contexts.