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19 September 2022

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XXXIV Congress in Colombia: The Quality of Popular Education in Fe y Alegría (2003)




The topic for the XXXIV International Congress was “The Quality of Popular Education in Fe y Alegría” (the Final Document can be downloaded by clicking here).


The following objectives were stated:

To establish a conceptual framework, criteria and indicators for the quality of education in Fe y Alegría, coherent with the Movement’s formal, alternative and non-formal education proposals, which will serve as a basis both for the design and development of systematic evaluation processes, and for the formulation of plans to improve the quality of our centres and programmes.

And some specific objectives:

  1. To construct the concept of educational quality for Fe y Alegría.
  2. Define the general profile of the Movement’s graduates, based on the type of society, person and church we want (defined in the Movement’s Proposal for Popular Education and Social Promotion), basic competencies, citizenship and psychosocial competencies, work competencies…
  3. Characterise inputs and processes in coherence with expected results and establish quality criteria and indicators.
  4. To outline the desirable elements and the characteristics of the quality evaluation processes of centres and programmes.


An explanation on the background and rationale for the theme, as well as the Initial Working Document for the Congress, entitled “Towards a Quality Improvement Project in Fe y Alegría”, can be downloaded from here  (General Information on the XXXIV Congress).

The Congress:

It was used a method that combined the study, in all countries, of the Initial Working Document and the elaboration of contributions supported by the guide of questions it has. The contributions from the countries, which resulted from this stage, were then systematised, integrated and expanded by the Commission. The Base Document was then produced, which was worked on at the Congress, in a Seminar-Workshop strategy.

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